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Custom-built PCs in Burton-on-Trent 

 Want to have a PC with the exact features, software and processing power to suit your needs? Contact Computerfix for custom-built PCs at reasonable prices. 

Lifetime guarantee on our custom-built computers 

We build computers from scratch. Our professionals will source quality components from reputable brands and assemble them to build a PC that will fulfil all your requirements. All PCs built by us, come with a lifetime guarantee, therefore you can rest assured that you’ll get excellent value for money. 
Complete computer repairs

In-depth consultation  

We offer in-depth consultations to discuss the exact needs of our clients. Whether you need a computer for gaming, accounting or music production, we’ll explain the hardware requirements and the associated costs to you. We’ll help you make informed decisions so that you get exactly what you need. Let us know if you need malware removal services. 
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Computer equipment

While ordering custom-built computers, you can choose:

  • Processors 
  • Hard disk type and storage space 
  • Operating system
  • RAM 
  • Monitor size and type
  • CPU box
  • Software 
  • And more
 "I wanted a new computer. Someone told me about this company, and boy am I glad. We met and was asked about what I used my computer for, we made a shopping list of parts, swapped and changed items depending on what I wanted to spend. Had complete control of how fast it was going to be, what it could do and what I needed it to do. I bought parts as and when I could afford them. took me a few months but felt no pressure. He emailed me when parts on my list came on offer, stored parts for me. Took a few months, today was the day. He came round with all the parts,  and took several hours to build.
It was all installed and updated to the latest software and I added the Nikon software and the printer software. My emails too and the free anti-virus.
He also advised on what I may want to add next and, am busy saving for the graphics card I need to indulge my new hobby of photography.
Couldn't be happier. I am now sat playing with my new toy and decided to made my first job to write this review."
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Call us on
07508 440 290 for malware removal and related services as well if you are in Burton-on-Trent. 
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